Invited talks

Frank Dignum

Umeå university and Utrecht University

Rules of Social Nature for MAS

For many years people have been using norms to create flexible regulations for the interactions between agents in MAS. Just like concepts from human psychology and biology have been inspirational for the modelling of agent reasoning and evolution of MAS, we have drawn inspiration from social science to model concepts such as norms. However, they have been quite resistant to any kind of uniform representation and/or use. Moreover, other social mechanisms (such as conventions, practices, etc.) exist that can regulate social behaviour. In this presentation, I will discuss the reasons for the inherent difficulties to model and implement all these concepts in a uniform way. Based on this analysis I will indicate in which kind of situations each of these types of social rules can be most useful and describe some first steps towards a methodology for using them properly for MAS.

Professor Frank Dignum is Professor of Socially Aware AI at Umeå University, Sweden and associated with Utrecht University in The Netherlands and the Czech University of Technology in Prague. He is a fellow of the European Artificial Intelligence Association (EURAI). He has been active in the field of Multi-Agent Systems and Social Simulations for 30 years. He has not only published in the most important conferences in AI, but also actively organized major conferences such as AAMAS and ECAI, besides many specialized workshops. His main research interests have been in social aspects of MAS. He has made major contributions in the formalization and implementation of norms for MAS, but also has looked at the role of communication in MAS. In the last few years he has published about the use of culture, values and norms in agent based social simulations.

Ugo Pagallo

Università degli Studi di Torino